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Motionpost is a Chicago full service video production company offering producing, directing, video editing, production, motion graphics, audio recording and editing for all of your video production needs. Whether it’s a Chicagoland video production, out of state, or even out of the country, we are ready to put your video message in motion.

From corporate videos, PR and special events, advertising and marketing videos, podcasts, webinars and beyond, motionpost is your partner in strategic video production, helping you with your creative storytelling.

A production house for all your video and motion graphic needs. Working with you to tell your story, motionpost is your creative video communications partner.

Motionpost is here to move you

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“Would You Rather…?”

When temperatures are 30 degrees or below, the first thing that you think of is jumping in icy cold water, right? Well, that’s just one of the “would you rather” questions we asked people on the streets in Chicagoland recently. And to no surprise, the choice was to...

“Having A Ball” – Special Olympics Athlete Highlight Video

There was bustling activity all around them, so it was crucial for the athletes to stay focused. After picking up the ball, she conferred with her partner on their strategy. Tension was in the air. She gave the ball a couple of spins in her hand and let it roll...

“What’s On Tap” – A New Series

“What’s On Tap” – A New Series

After a long day in production, I love a good beer.  That’s why this project I’ve been working on has been a lot of fun. It’s about beer! I’ve been editing promos for a new television series about craft beer and the people that brew it, serve it, and drink it.  In...