There was bustling activity all around them, so it was crucial for the athletes to stay focused. After picking up the ball, she conferred with her partner on their strategy. Tension was in the air. She gave the ball a couple of spins in her hand and let it roll perfectly hitting her opponent’s ball out of the way. Some laughter and few high fives later, Jackie O’Brien and Paige Braun, both of Oak Park, IL won their bocce ball match, earning them 5th Place in the Special Olympics USA Games in Seattle. Jackie O’Brien, a Special Olympics Athlete, went on to win the Bronze Medal in the Individual competition at the Seattle based games which were held early July in 2018. This Special Olympics Unified Team has played together for over a year and have known each other for several. Paige and Jackie met in middle school when Paige volunteered with a similar program, offering friendship and mentoring. They were introduced to bocce ball where they quickly picked up the sport. Having a partner cheering you on, as well as being able to strategize with someone was something both girls found appealing.  When they qualified for the Special Olympics USA Games, they were excited to travel and meet other Special Olympics athletes from all over the United States. Over 4,000 athletes attended the games in 2018, competing in 14 Olympic-type team and individual sports. Motionpost is a big supporter of Special Olympics and enjoyed working on the athlete highlight video showcasing Jackie and Paige. Their friendship is true and their enthusiasm is contagious. Congrats Jackie and Paige!