Some of the most rewarding video productions we get to work on are awareness and fundraising videos for non-profits. Reaching an audience on an emotional level and motivating them to donate to the worthwhile cause can sometimes be a challenge in this video saturated world. You have to capture the audience’s attention right away, especially when playing in a large room full of people. Director, Greta Landis had such an idea in mind when she brought in her finished script and raw footage for me to collaborate on for the Hephzibah Children’s Association’s “Heart of Gold” Gala video.

My role as the editor was to help weave the “Hephzibah Heart Stories” together creatively to get their message across. It was a bit of a challenge to edit three distinct areas of Hephzibah Children’s Association (group homes for abused children, foster care, and affordable day care) into six minutes of video, but we were very decisive with each edit. The subject matter of child abuse and foster care isn’t a comfortable topic, but this video reflected on the positive outcomes that these survivors have reached, along with career goals of those who attended Hephzibah Day Care have achieved. The video was a great success at their gala and contributed to the $400,000 raised that evening. Being an evergreen video, it can be used for the next couple of years, saving the non-profit money. That’s always a plus in fundraising. If interested in donating to or volunteering with Hephzibah, please visit their website, Contact us for your non-profit video and let us help you raise awareness and funds.