Motion Post teamed up with the Chicago Branch of the American Marketing Association to produce several videos to draw marketers to their latest thought leadership conference, BrandSmart 2010. BrandSmart featured some great keynote speakers like Jon Pollock, from Polariod and Len Hostetter, from Fed Ex. Motion Post created these videos from thought to finish, working with our creative team and the folks from AMA Chicago.

Six weeks before the conference, we interviewed several AMA Chicago members discussing marketing trends today and why you should attend a conference like BrandSmart. After a day’s worth of interview we sat down to cut together several documentary style ads for BrandSmart. The videos went out in the AMA Chicago’s email campaign a month before the start of the conference.

Here is the finished product.

We also produced several “spoof” videos with the help of AMA Chicago Member Megan Gauss. Megan’s day job is with the Chicago Convention and Tourism bureau but she moonlights at Second City.