There has been a lot of talk in the last couple of years about “Viral Video”. I’ve seen a number of producers try to sell the concept to small businesses in an attempt to somehow leverage the power of the internet on the cheap.

As Michael Hoffman’s article points out, this rarely works.

The people who are most successful on YouTube aren’t focused on making a single viral video. They are making a series of videos with a character or a set-up that is interesting and brings people back for more. In other words, they are building an audience through regular production of videos that tell stories. That’s what you should be thinking about. By investing in many videos over a long period of time, you are also much more likely to hit on one that attracts others to join your long-term audience.

As I was doing research to create an article about our observations and experiences at Motion Post in working in this new field of Web Series (FilmFellas produced by Zacuto Films is one of the best examples), I ran across Michael Hoffman’s essay on Beth’s Blog that captures our thinking exactly. One quick note: the essay is primarily concerned about “Non-Profits”, but really the concepts are true for any business.

So read it over… Then give me call, we don’t produce “viruses”, we help you create fans of your business.

Ok, in spite of all that, I can’t resist. Let me introduce you to Moru: