Ed says:

Check out our latest episode of FilmFellas produced by Steve Weiss at Zacuto USA, maker of fine camera equipment. I’ve worked with Steve on and off for many years and was thrilled when he asked me to help him edit this new web series.

Steve Weiss and Zacuto have been a major force behind the introduction of affordable HD production in Chicago during the last decade. The ESPN “Backstage” feature pieces that Jeff and I have in our portfolio were post-produced at his facility back in “the day”. They were all shot using his Panasonic DVCProHD 720P VariCam cameras (then edited and delivered in standard def) even before ESPN had officially adopted an HD standard. Steve is also a long standing supporter of independent filmmakers.

Webisode 5 of FilmFellas:

“Talkin’ About Your Film Generation”

In Webisode 5, cast two has arrived for dinner and they are ready to bring what they know about indie filmmaking to the table. Susan Buice joins to discuss what she’s learned from directing, Four Eyed Monsters. Kris Williams, Director of Young American Bodies, breaks down her theory of creating something you love whether ice cream or film; you are going to make only flavors you like. Kissing on the Mouth Director, Joe Swanberg lets the table know filmmaking is not always about making money and lastly, Steve Weiss is back to converse about different generations of indie filmmaking.

This cast of FilmFellas is ready to dig into the center of this new film movement. The webisode series explores directing styles, Mumblecore, do Kris, Joe and Susan speak for their generation, many kinds of distribution, making a living as a filmmaker, business models for the internet, what is art vs. marketing, and why they do what they do. You do not want to miss out!