Georgetown University – Beyond Bricks & Mortar

It's been years since Jeff Evenson and Ed Pickart of motionpost have stepped foot in a university classroom. But for the past three years, they've been working on a masters of science in finance program, not for themselves, but for the students who are enrolled in Georgetown's McDonough School of Business. read more

When I was a kid…

Grandparents and parents have a gift of bringing up the good ol’ days and telling their younger audiences how good/hard/challenging/simple it was compared to today. And though we may roll our eyes or remind them we’ve heard that story before, it is that family history that defines us. read more
Listen To This

Listen To This

You're alone, in a small, insulated room. The only connection to the outside world is through the large headset you are wearing. You speak directly into the microphone in front of you, with your crisp voice almost startling you as you hear your voice for the first time through the headset. read more

Problem Solvers

We like to think of ourselves as problem solvers when clients come to us with a video challenge. Such was the case with a new Public Service Announcement (PSA) that was brought to us by Jasculca Terman PR. This important PSA is currently being used as a part of an educational curriculum and state bill campaign to prevent child sexual abuse. read more

Model Behavior

At Motion Post, we wear many hats. One day we are producers, another day, directors. And yet another day, we are editors. For some projects, we may wear all three hats. For a unique project brought to us by Agency Galatea, a Chicago modeling and talent agency, we put on our editor's hat. read more

Say Cheese! Or Pepperoni…or Pasta…

Selfies -- we’ve all seen people taking them. We’ve most likely have been included in them. Remembering and sharing the moment, the place, and whom we are with is why we take these photos. That’s exactly the idea we had in mind when writing up the treatment for a :30 spot for Chicago’s Italian restaurant, Bella Luna. read more

Budget Success Story

"We don't have a large budget for these spots." How many times have these words been spoken to directors and production houses -- it's almost a given during a sluggish economy. But Motion Post is always up for the challenge. read more
Streaming for Worldwide Employee Meeting

Streaming for Worldwide Employee Meeting

We teamed with McCosky Film and video and Go Go wireless to bring the worldwide "all hands meeting" to all the go go employees worldwide. The two hour broadcast featured many challenging elements; a Skype presenter, 150 powerpoint slide and 15 video roll-ins. read more

Golf Experts at Club Champion

Professional Golfers always have their clubs fitted to thier swings and body. Club Champion now offers this service to the general public. Club Champion uses computer analysis of your swing to match the perfect club head, club shaft and grip for you. read more

And the Winner is….

I'd like to thanks the Academy .... but seriously, I'd really like to thanks all the people that help make this possible. The great team at IIT, Nancy Reid, Tom McCosky, Tom Vangel and Zet Smith. Motionpost was able to pull together a great team that created an award winning recruiting video for the university. read more