Ed says:

Last month I got a real education. That’s why I love my job.

It was all coffee brewers, all the time with Kevin and Pat Sinnott, long established independent producers here in the Chicago production community. Kevin’s other expertise is coffee. He’s been seen as a guest coffee expert on Good Morning America, the Oprah Winfrey Show and has had many articles published as a consumer coffee writer and reviewer.

The DVD, “Kevin Sinnott’s Coffee Brewing Secrets”, features such coffee industry luminaries as Donald Schoenholt,Kenneth Davids, George Howell, Erna Knutsen and others. The DVD hasn’t been released yet and the support materials (including what promises to be a very informative web site) are still being developed, but look for it all to be unveiled in time for the ’08 Christmas Season. Keep an eye on this spot for links and excerpts from the video, which has great tips and insights into brewing great coffee.

Happily, for all of you budding coffee aficionados out there, I have an exclusive sneak-peek DVD extra segment; it’s Kenneth Davids, editor of the”Coffee Review” demonstrating a cool little European brewing device.

mmm-mmmmm that’s goood cofffeee…